The Toledo Show

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn a world of film noir soul, twisted tales are told through the eyes of the City of Angels’ falling
angel, Toledo. Dames bring each story to life in this femme fatale cabaret. Every hip’s breath says
“Ain’t no victims—only volunteers in here” …smack dab in the heartbeat of the whole dirty deal
that is the Toledo Show.

The Los Angeles Times dubbed him “the coolest cat working in Hollywood” and the Los Angeles
Weekly called his show “dramatic and campy, in the best possible way.” One of the city’s most
adored cult icons, L.A. native Toledo Diamond has been wielding his magic in front of sold out
crowds for over a decade. Toledo is a soul singer, jazz man, poet, dancer, choreographer and
connoisseur of haberdashery who has toured most of the United States, as well as Australia. He’s
also been described as a “cult icon,” “urban word man,” “groove–­‐master,” “the underground King
of L.A.,” “dancer extraordinaire,” “the modern day Sammy Davis, Jr.,” “cool to the bone,” “the
Svengali of sensuality,” and “the best kept secret in the music business.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, he started dancing at the age of 15. He went on to work as a
choreographer and dancer for recording artists including Janet Jackson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Paula
Abdul, Diana Ross, the Pointer Sisters, Bonnie Raitt, the Mask, Al Green, the Isley Brothers,
George Michael, Smokey Robinson, Toni Braxton and Kathy Sledge. He also choreographed and
danced for feature film directors such as Antoine Fuqua, David Fincher, Dominic Sena, Thierry
Mugler, Rupert Wainwright and Charles Wittenmeler. His choreography of US3′s “Cantaloop”
video earned him an MTV Video Award.


Toledo began what is now his music career in the then–­‐underground poetry circuit of places like Award nomination. Max’s Garage in Muskogee, Oklahoma,ad–­‐libbing with Angelo Fishbone and Macy Gray.

But it wasn’t long before his words took on a melodic life of their own, and dancers brought his choreography to the stage in “The Toledo Show” at venues such as Harvelles Blues Club in Santa Monica, The Edison downtown and The Writer’s room in Hollywood California.

Mixing speakeasy jazz, hypnotic storytelling and Toledo’s smoky voice with funky bass lines and
femme fetale dancers, this cabaret like no other. Toledo’s poetic free-styling and exciting guest
performers make every show unique.